Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Excellence is a boutique, Australian-based advisory and consulting firm focused on dramatically shortening the timeline for ambitious managers to go from good to exceptional while achieving outstanding organisational performance. We offer mentorship and strategic navigation tailored to your business needs.

The P9 Management Model is a comprehensive framework designed to optimise organisational performance and lead to sustainable excellence. It is built on four cornerstone pillars:

  1. Pillar One: Architectural Design Structure
    • The Model utilises a unique design of equilateral and isosceles triangles to illustrate and connect every organisation’s three core and six operational elements.
    • This structure provides insights into the relational impacts of those nine elements, empowering you with thirty-six concise declarations that guide management and decision-making.
    • These declarations help you anticipate and manage the impact of changes across the organisation, saving you time, pain, and cost.
  2. Pillar Two: Decision-Making Matrix
    • This matrix consists of four progressive layers, enabling swift yet comprehensive decision-making.
    • The layers include:
      • The Issue Layer: up to twelve questions to identify and qualify issues.
      • Core Element considerations: six questions focused on purpose, people, and processes.
      • Operational considerations: five questions to guide operational decisions.
      • Post-decision task: a brief action plan for implementation.
    • The matrix simplifies and optimises decision-making for positive outcomes.
  3. Pillar Three: P9 Cohesive Management Culture
    • The P9 Cohesive Management Culture introduces a daily practice known as P9 Time, a nine-minute workday ritual that fosters a focused, results-driven culture.
    • This practice is rooted in the five C’s: Confirmation, Communication, Cooperation, Contribution, and Celebration.
    • P9 Time improves your organisation’s performance by addressing issues promptly, encouraging collaboration, and creating a united, high-performing team.
  4. Pillar Four: Exceptional Leadership
    • This pillar goes beyond good management to inspire excellence.
    • Exceptional Leadership focuses on developing the qualities of a leader who can guide and support quality leaders within the organisation.
    • The journey involves cultivating heart and character, not just intellect and qualifications, to attract and retain a strong management team.
    • The ultimate goal is to lead your organisation to sustained excellence.

By combining these pillars, the P9 Management Model provides a roadmap for organisations to achieve outstanding performance and become industry leaders.

Russell’s extensive career experience makes him an ideal choice for speaking on a wide range of management and leadership topics. His ability to simplify complex concepts and connect with audiences in an engaging, transparent, and authentic way makes him a sought-after speaker.

He works with you to create a bespoke keynote address, starting with a short survey to understand your objectives and expectations, followed by a conversation to gain deeper insights.

Attendees often remark, “You’ll have him again if you have him once.” Contact us now to secure Russell for your upcoming event and elevate your audience’s experience.

We start with an initial conversation to understand your goals and challenges. If our approach aligns with your ambitions and vision, we move forward with the discovery and assessment phase, followed by developing a tailored plan for your business. Our aim is to create a partnership that fosters sustained excellence.

Fundamentally, you know that even businesses in the same sector are not identical. There are different sizes, located in different locations with different demographics, managed by different personalities, and applying different approaches. Consequently, Russell does not consider that the one-solution-fits-all ethos that is all too often delivered in the marketplace is appropriate, let alone effective.

At Managing Excellence, we approach each client with a fresh perspective, understanding your unique needs, challenges, and goals. Our process begins with an initial consultation to identify your specific objectives and vision. From there, we develop a customised plan tailored to your organisation’s unique situation and ambitions.

We integrate The P9 Management Model into our consulting and advisory services, providing you with a holistic framework for achieving sustained excellence. By combining proven strategies, innovative tools, and collaborative processes, we guide you toward success that aligns with your vision.

Throughout our partnership, we continuously assess and adapt our approach to ensure your goals are met and exceeded. This personalised method allows us to be your dedicated navigation partner on the journey to outstanding performance.

Most of the coaching that Managing Excellence offers occurs through our Collaborative Clinic days. While some of our techniques may be similar to those of your current coach if they are up to date with best practice tools, Managing Excellence goes beyond a typical coaching experience.

When not crafting or delivering a keynote address, Russell, who understands the demands of creating and navigating exponential growth, can advise business owners and senior managers on crucial management matters or facilitate consultancy delivery. This is all informed by the holistic Think Big approach of The P9 Management Model.

Clients describe us as mentors who guide them to success.

The short answer is no. Clients have praised us for being surprisingly market-competitive in price while delivering exceptional value.

From start-ups to established organisations, we work with you to develop a customised plan tailored to your unique situation, ambitions, and budget whenever possible.

We aim to make our services accessible and to avoid letting cost concerns prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Initial calls with potential clients are always free. While remaining focused, Russell is generous with answering questions and gathering essential information to assess whether Managing Excellence is the best fit to partner with you.

When time permits, Russell gladly speaks or consults with charitable NFPs or other community groups at no cost, discounted fees, or cost-recovery rates. We believe in giving back to the community and supporting worthwhile causes.

We welcome your enquiry, but unfortunately, we may not always be able to provide a solution or offer our services at reduced rates due to scheduling constraints or other factors.

While Russell is generous by nature and would like to help everyone, there must be a focus on targeting the right clients.

We begin with ambition. If you are satisfied with the marketplace-accepted healthy annual business growth rate of 12.5%, you are doing well, but we may not be the best success partner for you.

However, we look beyond earnings growth. Experience shows that those who are:

  • Driven by a worthy, honourable, and well-defined purpose
  • Committed to doing all that is required, including adopting and applying a new paradigm
  • Excited about building an organisation known for its sustainable excellence

are indeed the clients we should engage with. Whether you are a start-up, an emerging business, or an established company, Russell would be eager to discuss your future if you resonate with these values.

Russell’s extensive management experience spans a wide range of sectors, including automotive engineering, service stations, real estate sales and marketing, financial services, retail, hospitality, technology, and management consulting. His involvement in equity participation across these sectors gives him a deep understanding of diverse industries.

Additionally, his years of consulting have provided insights into other fields, such as manufacturing, banking, transport, logistics, property development, and professional services. Russell’s extensive contacts network helps him stay current with industry trends and challenges.

He humbly acknowledges that there are always new things to learn and is committed to continuous improvement. As Managing Excellence expands, it will attract and retain specialists from emerging and diverse industries, ensuring that we remain equipped to navigate new and evolving sectors.

Russell feels fortunate to share his knowledge and insights daily, whether delivering keynote addresses, offering advice or consulting to business owners and senior managers, facilitating Collaborative Clinics, participating in panels of specialists, or being interviewed.

He founded Managing Excellence to contribute to the growth of an exclusive group of organisations recognised for their outstanding performance and sustained excellence. When asked what Managing Excellence excels at the most, Russell would highlight his mentoring role as the top contributor to the firm’s mission of dramatically shortening the timeline for ambitious managers to go from good to exceptional, while achieving outstanding organisational performance. Through mentorship, we guide our clients to their success.